the hell hole

deep in the hillz of one of our "old" favorite ridding spots (cause everywhere we used to ride & have fun is now F-ing closed for no real reason) was a 250ft mine shaft from the early old west had to wear goggles to look down into it cause it constantly blows air upward...this is just a quik vid i had to make again cause the 1st one was removed from you-tube...this is what we did one night when we were there after ridding motos all day & trust me the ground was movin on the last 1....for more videos follow @cruzmatik or search "cruzmatik" on youtube -

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  • The soda can at 1:34 is probably saying, “FUCK THIS! I’M OUT!”

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  • I like that.

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  • That’s a lot of methane

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  • Just imagne throwing a grenade in this hole...

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  • 11 years ago...

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  • Never seen a chort film before

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  • And that kids is how hot jet engines r

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  • Tutorial : How to move the whole world like a rocket

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  • 2021 anyone??

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  • After eating taco bell

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  • These dudes just like me putting bombs in holes Ahhhhh I realized what mistake I made sry any posting-

  • 1:20 bad grammer

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  • What is that red lighting thing in your hand ?

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  • Fire in the hole!

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  • This is the best “Chort” film ever

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  • Safety is for bitches

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  • Chto ya tut zobil?

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  • These kind of videos are so nostalgic..

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  • you clearly need to be charged , this is absolutely moronic

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  • And now that we made history, lets see a motocross clip

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  • imagine the poor bastard hiding out down there during the pandemic

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  • The real question How many bottles plus a deep hole does it take to kill a man

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  • "do not try" *awkward laughter*

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  • Corona bottles 😳

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  • 1:35 can: *Y E E T*

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  • Who else is here before 1M views?

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  • 1:50 rocket engine

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  • Everybody gangsta till glass shards on raining down on them

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  • Omg what the hell lol i would have probably ran home

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  • OMFG!

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  • Me when hot chip:

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  • Damn the last one was freaking breathing like hell

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  • 0:43 soldier

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  • The spaceX engineers: 2:20

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  • Reminds me of my childhood and sneaking off during late night family campfires with the other kids to go mess around the lake or tell stories on the top of the slide.

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  • Imagine you’re just vibing climbing down a deep hole and someone throws all this shit down at you

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  • the one homeless guy at the bottom

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  • This is like an underground pulse jet engine 😂

  • “Hey you ever wonder how the Centralia mine fire started?”

    Henry BrightonHenry BrightonVor 4 Monate
    • Asbestos mine- Negligible damage would be caused at the worst

      Andrew F.Andrew F.Vor 4 Monate
  • Idiots...

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  • I’m surprised the 5 gallon drop didn’t thrust the earth out of orbit

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  • Just guys being dudes :)

  • man i dunno but that hole looks kinda hellish

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  • ah yes yootoob algoritm

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  • anyone know the science behind this

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  • Very cool shit yous bois know how to have fun

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  • Hidden DE-show Gem

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  • They made a right choice not looking down with the 4 bottles and 5 bottles

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  • Tf he said corona virus and the videos is 10 yrs before corona hits 2020????

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    • When

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  • Go big or go home, epic jet flame there boys.

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  • That’s how I would execute some one make them climb down the hole the drop 10 bottles on them

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  • 2:37 is that you pennywise?

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  • Why did he shit em self

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  • It’s essentially a gigantic pulsejet

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  • fire in the hole

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  • Maybe somebody work down and this idiots drop molotov, stupid idiots

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  • Dude thats fucking nuts!!

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  • Anyone else here from 2020?

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  • turtless ninja : F

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  • 1:35 saw how that can went up its called MAGIC

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  • 1:46 is like a concorde after burner

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  • 1:28 iv never seen enything as awesome as that

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  • Finally it's come up after 10 years

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  • These guys just pushed the earth out of orbit

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  • girls: when boys sit together they talk about dirty things BOYS: 1:31 1:47 2:19

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    • Lol

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  • this is why woman lives longer than man

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  • I herd that was like a fart

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  • How was this ten years ago

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  • They're gonna propel the earth out of its orbit!

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  • That was so fucking awesome🔥

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  • makeshift pulse jet engine IS EPIC

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  • This doesn't look safe 😕

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  • That can got lifted

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  • THIS GUY HAS 669 SUBS b o b u x

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  • My Asshole after chipotle

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  • Safety 3st

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  • Me at the toilet 2:20

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  • Who else was thinking “I can’t imagine falling down there.”

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  • Nice, you made a thruster

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  • how to be spacex cheap

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  • Why didn't jackass have this or they try it

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  • Now we know why the Hills have eyes.

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  • bring marshmallows and u got a real mans smores

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  • 666 subs congrats

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  • uh oh the sub count is devil number

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  • I would request some people to delete their comments... Channel would have 666 subscribers and 666 comments on a video named "hell hole" ..with the backyard scientist in it

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  • Ah, the 2000s, dirt bikes and dumb shit

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  • Drops molotov into the hole Hears screaming at the bottom of the hole

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  • This has "This was the last time we ever saw them" vibes and I don't know why

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  • and women ask why men live 7 years less on average. heres the answer

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  • Pop quiz kids, what happens when you set off an explosion at the bottom of a chamber with a hole in the top? The answer, the hot gasses from the explosion will expand in the only direction it can, towards your dumb face which you stuck over the top of the chamber. P.S, if they dropped a watermelon or maybe a softball down there as well, they would have basically had all the elements of a firearm. An enclosed space to direct the explosion and resulting gases, some propellant in the form of the gasoline from the Molotov, and a projectile of their choice.

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  • Where tf is this

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  • Fire is a toy

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  • r/BigDickProblems

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  • This video reminds me of “found footage” in a horror movie.

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  • chort instead of short

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  • A *CHORT* film

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  • Look at what it says? DONT DROP

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  • holy shit wow

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  • Worlds largest whoosh bottle

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